Noroeste Argentino

We are in a wonderful region where the landscapes contrast between the high deserts, the jungle, snowy peaks, valleys where the main cities are located . Mixture of ancient civilizations dominated for a short time by the Incas  . Today it is posible visit  strengths or pucarás built in that period. In  the highlands lives groups of people of indigenous descent, "The coyas".
Exotic landscapes like Salinas Grandes, Los Cardones National Park, -full of cactus, with many paleontological remains and cave paintings, the hill of the seven colors of the beautiful Villa Purmamarca . A ride on one of the highest railways in the world through valleys and mountains to climb to 4200 meters, a magnificent feat of engineering: the famous train to the clouds.
For lovers of archeology, crafts, traditions, gastronomy, the colors of nature.
There is a Coya's proverb that says, "Man is  land that walk."